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Helping Throughout the Journey of Dementia: Understanding Progression

and How to Provide the Right Care and Support at the Right Time for Best Interactions and Outcomes


This full day session is designed to provide learners with a more in depth understanding of the progression of dementia and behaviors that affect care giving and daily programming throughout the disease.

The session will use the concept of gemstones to help caregivers appreciate the value and uniqueness of each stage in progression of the condition.

The session will emphasize the need to use observational skills, hands-on skills, self-awareness and environmental supports and modifications to optimize care for the person with dementia.

Learners will gain experience in using empathy, redirection, and distraction to help a person who is distressed. Learners will also gain knowledge about environmental factors that affect behavior and responses as the condition changes and how to use this information to create environmental supports that positively influence outcomes and interactions.

The session will be very interactive with the goal of providing knowledge, skills and attitudes that will change daily outcomes of care.