Seniors Speak - Podcasts and Videos

Seniors Speak is a series of podcasts with video created by Making Our Seniors Matter not for profit organization!  It started with a grant application to the Minister of Senior Affairs grant program. Upon receiving funding we looked for seniors who were interested in being part of a "radio style" broadcast using their ideas  to create stories, memories, guidance and life suggestions!  Some had never spoken into a microphone before or been recorded and sharing some of the stories was hard but everyone contributed and the following is the result.  We are very proud of all the people who participated, helped, supported and encouraged.  We are very grateful for "Seniors Speak" funded by the Government of Ontario.  ENJOY and share and comment if you wish!! Three communities participated in this project Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga...all are available by clicking on the Community button below....we would love for you to comment on what you see so we can share them with the "stars" in the shows!


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