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one of 605 billion

I am a baby boomer with a millennial child and a genX child (who knew?).

I get frustrated by the attitude and service at some businesses. My trainer at the T. Eaton company, where spent 2 weeks in training before I could serve my first customer would not be impressed!

So here is the news..in Canada the 65+ folks have just passed the under 15 years in population...and in the world 65+ will go from 605 million to 2 billion by the time we reach 2050!

So how does this aging thing affect us? We've never been old before and we learn as we go along. We get a 30 year longevity bonus, so we live longer and healthier - or do we? Most of us didn't plan financially for this longer life. I see signs of ageism creeping into our language...on tv a news person said we are becoming a burden, employers don't see us as their ideal candidate! More and more businesses are being created to care for us, to sell us stuff and to house us in some way. Are the cards and commercials rude or funny? ? How does business depict our generation? Are they condescending or conscientious?

We are a complex generation, are we well understood, do these businesses and services really and truly "get us" ? Are they aware of how to serve and communicate with us?

Why do I care? Over the Hill.....I think not!!

I listen, and I see people every day who need more training to work with and serve seniors. If we want to be better at what we do, common sense says educate yourself! Really, a generation who served, now needs us to serve them better! Do you work with our older population? Care to know more about Aging and Society? click here

Do you have an example of ageism in your life? If so please share in comment box :)

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