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Can I tell you something?

a whisper

How precious the sounds our grandchilden share, their first words, what they did at school, some of their fears as they asked us for our sage advice. We don't want to miss that intimate time when they want us to hear them!

Hearing loss affects over 30% of Canadians 65+ - it's embarrassing, challenging and can cause us to withdraw from family and community. Maybe we attended too many loud concerts, worked where noise was un-avoidable and now we strain to hear, mis-understand what is said, tell other folks "they mumble!"

It can be scary and unsafe - what if we miss an important phone call or miss instructions from the doctor or pharmacist. People think we are not interested, we confused or slow!

Well, we are not getting stupid - we simply cannot hear high-pitched sounds or certain consonants. The sounds are not getting into our inner ear. We may have had an injury or suffer from tinnitus (whistling, ringing or hissing) when there is no noise around us.

There are reasons for hearing loss and then there are things we can do - before it is too late! Don't be stubborn or proud - speak to your family doctor or get an appointment with an audiologist (can be FREE).

Next time my grandson Jacob wants to share a secret with Nana, I want to hear him clearly - today and in future years.

I am aware of the warning signs...are you?

For my fave audiologist click on Majda

For information on training for those working with seniors click here Training page

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